Episode 33


It should be noted:

If this episode weren’t called “Chapter 33”, it’d would probably be called “Should I Cross the Line, Are We Currently Crossing a Line, and Where is the Line Even At?” Or possibly something a little more clever and concise. These “lines” mostly affect the romantic entanglements, most ostensibly concerning Jane and Professor Chavez, but is also broached when-

  • Jane says she’s not telling her mom about her sex/fantasy dream. Oh no no no.That is a line that should not touched.
  • Rafael kisses Petra, but she stops him because it’s obvious he’s still not over Jane. That would cross a line.
  • Rogelio proposes to Xo and mentions he wants kids, but Xo wants to concentrate on her career. He has to figure out if no kids is a deal breaker- Where is his line?
  • Susanna ends things with Luisa (for now) because Luisa still needs closure with Rose. Continuing their relationship when Luisa still has feelings for another is crossing a line, but having a relationship with a key witness in the case you’re investigating might be crossing a bigger line.
  • And Petra gracefully allows that God-awful “Trophy Wife” statue in the Marbella, to make up for a line she crossed years ago. It’s humiliating, but saves the Marbella from potential disaster.

Petra and Rafael are stunned as they look at a statue of Petra as a trophy wife. As a woman literally coming out of a trophy.Petra and even Rafael’s character development were big emphases in this episode. Of course, there’s the whole trophy wife situation. Seeing that she broke her engagement with Lachlan because she found Rafael, a “bigger fish,” so she could use his money to resolve a nasty situation she tried to leave in the Czech Republic, and Rafeal is from a wealthy hotel owning family, well, the trophy wife theory seems pretty solid.

Not that Rafael gets off completely innocent. He admits that he wanted to steal her from his Marbella rival, who was you guessed it, Lachlan. Plus he was a playboy. Not really getting love vibes from this match.

But they did fall in love. And out of love. And maybe back in love? …it’s hard to tell with these two. But Petra is trying to prove she is more than a trophy wife by making up for her past rudeness and getting the Marbella back on track financially. A process which includes putting that statue in the hotel lobby. As people look at her next to the statue, she vehemently says, “It’s not me.”

The narrator picks it up, “And it wasn’t. Not anymore.”

I wouldn’t put it past Petra to do something extremely crazy soon (especially if Magda’s involved), but hopefully we’ll see a more caring Petra in that outrageous situation. I mean, telenovela.



  • I never get tired of hearing the narrator’s recap. Possibly because there is a lot of plot to keep track of.
  • Xo to Jane:

What's that shade called? Lusty Virgin?

  • Rogelio touting his merit as a babysitter as he punctuates his points with a hand holding an open pair of scissors.
  • Poor Xiomara- “I never thought I’d be 40 teaching whip nae nae to a bunch of 7 year olds.”
  • When Jane actually says her dreamy professor’s name instead of her dreamy main character’s name:

Alba is all of us.

  • Jane wants Jonathon, I want Jonathon’s gray cable knit sweater.

Rogelio is #TeamMichael

  • All I have to say about #awkwardsweaterkiss is poor Janey.
  • Poor Janey, who is trying to leave an awkward situation, is being helped through an 11-point turn by an annoying car voice and the man who just dodged her kiss.
  • Ok, Professor Chavez saying he wasn’t trying to give any signs. Ok, you were totally giving signs, so your “trying” did not work so well, and you did not have to act so offended when Jane comes to talk to you about it. Of course, this dilemma is all complicated because we’re seeing these signs in Jane’s POV.
  • Jonathon asks Jane out to dinner when she decides to switch advisers. YOU WERE TOTALLY GIVING OUT SIGNS.

This whole episode seemed more like a slow burn, with a lot of choices presented but not a lot of decisions made. It seems that next episode could get…


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