Episode 38


It should be noted:


Magna in the recap from the get-go? This is not good. That soulless woman ruins everything.

Mateo Sr.

I’m sure he had flaws. Everyone has flaws. But Matteo 1 in these heartwarming flashbacks, I can’t take it. Hello, #TeamMateo.

Mateo and Alba looking cute on the porch swing


Oh Alba. As with last week, Alba gets a relationship storyline usually assoicated with the teenage/young couple, but this time it does not work in her favor. Alba wants to rush into marriage, basically so she can have sex with Pablo. Yes, that is the very un-Albalike reason. There is a whole lot of lust involved and not a lot of common sense. This is before, however, Xo and Jane catch Pablo two-timing Alba when he offers the same cheesy napkin flower to another lady.

In a way, Alba’s convictions work for and against her. Sure, it causes her to rush into a marriage that would be no good for her, based on very little except nostalgia and a basic attraction. However, she does decide to wait a few days more until the marriage, saving her heart from getting broken even more. Pablo’s caught beforehand and Alba’s left feeling stupid, but it could have been a lot worse.

First Mateo passes, then she falls in love with the priest, then a cheating Don Juan from her past. Alba hasn’t had a lot of luck with love in this series.


Michael and Rafael are finally working together as a team. They even pull the whole good cop/bad cop routine, where cute little Michael gets to be tough and authoritative.

Michael interrogates Derek

For the time being, Rafael’s brother is staying in the city where it will be easy to keep an eye on him. Also for the time being, Raf and Michael are mostly getting along.

Also new with Rafael, he doesn’t want to compromise ( actually not new at all) when Jane is looking for the perfect house. She has a checklist that only matches her budget with houses outside the city. Rafael doesn’t want Mateo so far away, for good reasons (like missing Mateo’s first steps in a new house). Rafael wants to pay the difference for a house in the city, but Jane and Michael don’t feel comfortable using his money. But Rafael’s still not budging.

Until Petra goes honey badger and actually supports her frenemy Jane. And she makes some pretty good points (accidental artificial insemination? By his sister?). So Rafael relents and they decide to try this living situation out for a year and then reevaluate (in Rafael’s defense, a year is a lot in baby milestones).


Jane’s literally taking advice from a talking parrot. I know, I know, the magic realism, but could she really take that snarky beast talking to her all the time even if the house was perfect otherwise?

Michael and Jane do end up buying a different perfect house close to Rafael. It serendipitously is in the right neighborhood, in their price range, and they win over the affections of the homeowner with their heartfelt letter. This is just the one of a few very neat, untelenovelic wrap ups.


Dude wants to invite the entire world to Jane’s wedding, including the Wiggles. Jane institutes a “if I haven’t met them, they’re not invited” policy, which Rogelio gets around with the fervor of a mischievous middle schooler. Jane, being the smart, trained teacher she is, realizes pretty quickly that the sudden introductions are no coincidence. She limits the wedding to 75 people, and Rogelio only gets to invite 15. As he quips, “That’s not a wedding, that’s a game night!”

There’s the same issues here as with Rafael paying for part of the house. Rogelio wants to pay for the wedding. Money does give the assumption of some sort of control or at least deference to the money giver’s interests. So another great compromise comes underway (what we could use more of in politics). Jane will invite her close friends and family to the wedding, and then Rogelio can add to the guest list for the big party afterwards. Neat, everyone’s happy.

Then towards the end, there’s such a cute moment of Rogelio using his vast fame and fortune for sentimental reasons. Jane originally planned to get married in the Villanueva house, until the ‘Curse of Pablo Alonso Segura’ struck and the whole house will be under construction on the wedding date. So Rogelio uses his telenovela star powers to build a set that mirrors Jane’s house for her wedding ceremony. There are so many good moments between the Villanueva women, but lately Rogelio and Jane have also had some tender moments.


Petra is clearly not “good” as she tells Jane. The tackles the heavy topic of Postpartum Depression. Petra’s tired. She feels detached and depressed. Jane takes Petra to her adorable child and mommy class- where there will be barely any singing (bold lies)- because this group really helped Jane cope as a new mother. And Petra discovers she’s not alone; there are other moms who have been in the same situation. It doesn’t mean it’s not an issue to work on, but it is normal.

petra singing

Jane sweetly convinces Petra to see a doctor that is “very exclusive and very expensive” and seals it with “I don’t think they even take insurance.” The bad news, Petra needs to find out if her own mom experienced PPD. And so she goes to see Magna in jail, which is about the worst idea ever.

Magna is cruel, harsh, and completely Magna-like as she berates Petra. She says her daughter would be a horrible mother, and the best action Petra could take for her babies is to leave.

Petra has grown so much and she’s become her own woman, much of this occurring while her mother was in jail. Though her mother is also a stubborn granny assaulter, so hard telling if Magna would have noticed the changes even if she were present. But as much independence as Petra has gained, Magna still knows how to get to her.

So Petra leaves. She leaves because this is what will be best for her babies, as her own mother tells her.

But not before one last heartwarming moment. Jane and Michael think they have won over the owner with their sparkling letter. It’s amazing, they won the house nearby, checking off all of the items on their list. No, Rafael did not secretly back the house as the couple suspected may have happened. Unknowingly to them, it was Petra.

I may have almost cried. It was sweet, ok?



  • Love those Villanueva exppressions

title screen

  • Narrator: “Oh, I guess it meant just run lines.”
  • I was done with the Frozen jokes the first time, but I’m really done now.