Episode 34


It should be noted:

I was about 99% sure that, despite her stated intentions, Jane was not losing her virginity to Jonathan Chavez. Unless it happened in one of Jane’s fantasies or romance novels. Or dreams. Actually, that one almost happened.

Let’s think.

First of all, there’s a flashback to four years ago when Jane and Michael were adorable and in love. I’ve been happy to get a break from the love triangle/lust quadrangle, but I’m ready to jump back in. And just when I think I’ve, I mean Jane’s, gotten over Michael, they drag us in with a flashback featuring his cute, sweet, sensitive, would-do-anything-for-Jane face.

michael's face

It’s a pretty heavy reminder of the type of guy she was planning on losing her virginity to (read: her fiance, whom she loved, of two years).

Jane states she has no reason anymore to wait until marriage (she’s a virgin mother!), which I believe she believes. She also says she wants to rip her virginity off like a band-aid, which neither Xo nor I believe she believes.

That’s not to say I don’t find her actions and thoughts realistic. I very much find that to be the case. Jane knows other people don’t think virginity before marriage has the importance she and her abuela believe in, and there are others who don’t place much emphasis on virginity, period. Jane’s already been wavering on this issue for, well really the entire series (a virgin pregnancy will do that to you). First with Michael (all the way back in Chapter 3) soon after she discovers she’s pregnant, and later with Raf (when she’s very pregnant) in the pool in Chapter 19.

And it would be hard to hold fast, seeing that Jane is surrounded by people who find her ideas archaic or maybe just unnecessary. It’s not to say they don’t respect her opinion, they just don’t adhere to it themselves. Michael is not a virgin, but clearly he was happy to wait for Jane (and they both thought they would get married). Raf, clearly not a virgin.

raf playboy

Abuela is really Jane’s strongest support/motivator, but Jane finds out it’s at least partially because Alba regrets that she herself didn’t wait. Of course, Jane does not want to disappoint her grandma, but Alba recognizes Jane’s “an adult now. All is different,” and because she regretted it, it doesn’t mean Jane will (and now we sorta know who Pablo Alonso Seguro is!).

But even if Jane is tired of holding onto this principle, Jane cares fiercely about her values. So while she may be ready, the symbolism of that crumpled flower is not going to broken by a sexy professor one night stand.

But wow, the lust and attractiveness issue? I’m getting that impression on both fronts. Filming sex/make-out scenes just sounds awkward, but Jane and Jonathan are played by some really believable actors. Trust me, no added glitter needed to see the sparks between those two.

But Jane wants Romance. That’s all she’s wanted, from her somewhat forced meet cute with the computer guy in chapter 31, to her decision to wait until marriage.

In Chapter 32, Jane creates a list of essential characteristics for the guy she wants to date, going with Alba’s advice to be more picky after the skater disaster. So while Jane and her new guy may not be getting married, Jane the Romantic will need him to hit some more of the checkpoints. Virginity till marriage may not be important anymore, but her virginity still is.

Jonathan fulfills some of these wishes (and of course, fantasy Jonathan fulfills every longing Jane’s ever had). But real Jonathon is leaving for Thailand and wants something casual. Our Jane the Romantic is ready to have the short term fling she says she wants with Jonathan. A girl who spends all day trying to find the right words to describe love is not going to just “rip it off like a band-aid” in real life. Not happening.


michael's backMichael <3


So while Jane the Virgin is the name of the show, and of course it’s a big issue, I think it’s done a great job of not making it the only issue in Jane’s life. She is well-rounded, and she is very concerned with her relationships, not just romantic. I hope that whatever she decides, it’s not like, well now she lost her virginity, show’s over. Because she’s much more interesting beyond just that. Though that could be very dependent on possible cancellations (for such a wonderful show it’s not doing too well in the ratings)(I can’t say I’m surprised; this always happens to me).



  • Jane: “I know the only reason you why cancelled that lunch is because your mother murdered that guy.” Petra: “Yeah, sorry about that.”
  • The waiter to Jane and Petra- “Your/you’re oil and your/you’re water.”
  • Rogelio’s lavender suspenders on point.

lavender suspenders

  • I’ve always thought Gina Rodriguez’s/Jane’s expressions while writing were wonderful, but sexting Jonathan is next level.”

jane's expresssions

  • Raf and Petra are still getting along surprisingly well, but I’m guessing that all might change when she has Zazo’s twins. Yes, that’s happening. After all, twins run in the family.
  • Petra and Jane’s relationship is always two steps forward and a push down the stairs back. It’s interesting that Petra uses her kiss with Rafael to hurt Jane, when Petra’s the one who stopped it because Rafael doesn’t have closure on his relationship with Jane. Petra probably stopped it in self-interest, but that’s still admirable. It would be awful for her to fall back in love with a guy who might still be in love with someone else. And after that little declaration of love to Jane, clearly, he is. However, Jane shuts it down and provides the closure he needs.
  • Have I said I’m excited that Michael’s back in Jane (and Rogelio’s) life? #Brogelio