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Bullshit disguised as insight:

The main purpose of this episode is to bring Elliot to the breaking point with his drug use. And it really is a nasty rock bottom (hopefully this is the bottom). He’s out of suboxone and only has a bunch of oddball near-strangers to help him through the severe withdrawals. The episode seems a little filler, a little like someone wanted to stretch their artsy side by creating surrealist escapades, and I feel a little cheated that a large chunk of the episode is Elliot’s delusion. Although sure, there is information to be learned about his inner psyche that isn’t necessarily divulged to the voice in his head. It was well shot and well done, so I can put up with it even if I’m not thrilled.

Elliot's delusion

Elliot has been very tightly controlling his life, from morphine dosages to how he reacts in therapy, and now he is clearly out of control both physically and mentally. He’s violently shaking and throwing up as he goes through withdrawals. His mind is going crazy with delusions that start normal enough and spiral into a nightmarish, lunatic dreamland. His wild behavior in his delusions makes me wonder if this is closer to how he used to be, before he was put in therapy. It could represent a possible path for Elliot. Instead of changing the world, he downward spirals into a useless hell. Although this is the much less interesting and less viable path in a created story line.

Right now, Angela and Elliot are very much both in their separate worlds, though their lives are interconnecting more than they now realize. If Elliot weren’t so engrossed in fsociety, he would have found about about the hack right away. Being said, it seems that they will soon find out.

So far, Angela has very much seemed like the golden girl, the positive representation of a child who lost her mother to Elliot’s poor coping mechanisms. A good job, a boyfriend, a bustling social life. Really, her biggest pitfall, and it’s not small though also not uncommon, is her huge student debt. However, recently she was kicked off a major project at work. She found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Her account has been hacked. Now she doesn’t just have crippling debt, her and her father’s identities are at stake as well. Her life is now unraveling, once again, and this time, she’s on a darker path.

She has a lot of choices to make, and considering the dark tone of the show, I don’t suspect it’ll wrap up neatly. She’s decided she can’t go to the police and risk the hacker will sell her information in retribution. Her first step is to implicate Ollie in hacking Allsafe. Although to me, her plan still seems a little thin. Do I really think a cybersecurity company doesn’t have security cameras and won’t check them when they figure out there’s been a major hack? Unless the hack takes care of the video too, there seems to be a flaw.

It’s frustrating that Elliot thinks he’s all alone, though I don’t fault him for feeling that way. His delusions seem to think Mr. Robot is the answer to that, and I can’t think of a worst person to be his buddy. Anyone who sucker-pushed me off a rail giving me huge scrapes would be automatically out of contention for friendship. Alternatively, there’s Shayla, but it’s safe to say that Elliot wouldn’t want to mix up his girlfriend in these fsociety schemes. She probably wouldn’t really understand, and the poor girl just got done dealing with Vera. It’s also possible that Angela is really a non-option as a close confidant. They have their parents’ deaths in common, but Angela really only knows “childhood Elliot.” He has a whole other life that he’s been keeping from her (I mean, she didn’t find his “girlfriend” in his bed, and he didn’t bother to correct her). Some of the secrets, also for her own safety. After all, Elliot wanted to save Angela from learning of her boyfriend’s cheating because Ollie was still mostly harmless. She also may be too “normal” to understand him. If Angela eventually decides to pursue the hacker, they’re going to have more in common than either realize. Really, if Elliot brought Angela into the fsociety gang, she could fulfill a role that they’re missing. Even if it is Elliot’s plan, I don’t know why they think it will be a good idea for Elliot to interact with actual human beings to bring down Steel Mountain. But really, most of them are lacking in social skills and would really stand out. Who could fit in? Who can communicate? Angela. Just a thought. This episode clearly indicates she capable of some darker actions.



  • Qwerty is no longer as cute as I once thought. In fact, he is super creepy.
  • Shayla asks Elliot not to let her down. This is definitely going to happen.