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Bullshit disguised as insight:

Poor, sweet, innocent (in this particular instance) Shayla.

Poor, poor Elliot, who on some level, probably blames himself for her death. Of course, of course, it’s not his fault, though his actions sparked a stream of events leading to Shayla’s death, Franz Ferdinand/WWI style. After all, if Elliot would have never indicated Fernando in a series of murder and drug crimes, Shayla never would have died.


Maybe, maybe not.

Indubitably, Shayla’s chances wouldn’t be so good even if Elliot hadn’t exposed Fernando. She was pretty much doomed from the moment she started associating with him (to procure Elliot’s suboxone), and Fernando took an interest in her. Shayla had already been drugged, raped, and left unconscious in a bathtub by Vera. It only takes inches of water for someone to drown (NIH).

On top of that, Fernando is obviously psycho. He can murder someone he once loved. One moment he’s telling Elliot he loves him and they’re part of “one big happy happy” the next, he willingly (happily?) kills his own brother. He can find a justification for any of his actions. He feel compelled by the universe, he compares himself to the Biblical Cain, as if his own fratricide was destined because that’s “what the universe asked of me.” He’s unpredictable. He’s just as likely to shout out some extreme hippy world-love phrase one moment and shoot someone’s brains out the next.

Does he belong in jail? Pretty much undeniable. But he and his psychotic brain aren’t happy about it.

In the last episode, Fernando says, “Men can’t sentence me. That is a cosmic responsibility. Someone’s gonna get hurt for this. That’s how we get square with the universe.”

Here’s a quick rundown of events: Elliot turns Fernando in. Men sentence Fernando. Fernando decides someone’s going to “hurt for this.” He orders Shayla’s kidnapping. Elliot follows every one of Fernando’s directives. Fernando goes free. Elliot gets Shayla back. Shayla is hurt (mortally). Elliot is hurt. Fernando considers the situation resolved. Like I said, crazy person.

Elliot may feel guilt for his role in this, but alternatively and perhaps concurrently, I suspect he will have the need for revenge. Fernando disappears, but he’ll be back, whether he’s terrorizing Elliot, or more likely, Elliot finds a way to terrorize him. Tyrell pointed out that Elliot’s base flaw is his voracity for revenge. Whether or not this is perfectly true, it’s evident that Elliot wants to protect the less powerful from the more powerful, and the “bad guys” belong in jail. Elliot may decide that an unending battle for revenge between them is not worth it after Shayla’s death was the result the first go-round, but Elliot really doesn’t have much left to lose.

Even as I saw Shayla’s death coming, I hoped not. Let’s face it though, this show’s kinda depressing, and it’s no surprise someone would die, least of all the main character’s girlfriend. With the many devious characters at work, it would seem false if no one ever touched Shayla or Elliot’s happy relationship with her. There’s the real possibility that this emotional attachment may have limited Elliot’s choices and moving the plot forward. As harsh as it is, now the obstruction is gone. There were also hints of something with Angela early on, and now both of their significant others are non-issues. Only time will tell if that’s the direction the series goes, but the possibility is wide open.

Elliot and Angela are two opposite forces in the same game. They’re both out to save the world, as Elliot has said many times and as Angela voiced in this episode. They’re both pursuing Evil Corp, but Elliot underground and illegally with fsociety, and Angela overtly and through legal action. Not to say plenty of illegal actions don’t take place within the legal system (again, the powerful taking advantage of the not-powerful). It must be a matter of time before the two find out about the other’s actions. Hopefully, they meet in the middle soon.



  • Are there really only two commercial breaks when this airs on tv? How does this work?
  • Joanna is the eye in Hurricane Tyrell. She’s is an interesting, dangerous character. Sometimes, it seems that Tyrell is her pawn, the one that does her dirty work in her schemes. Her control makes her even more dangerous than Tyrell.

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