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Bullshit disguised as insight:

There really were several seconds that I thought this was Shayla’s twin picking up her stuff, but it turns out to be a flashback with Elliot and Shayla. But can you blame me? Elliot looks exactly the same, and (who I thought was twin) Shayla is all different. Elliot is wearing the exact same all black with a hoodie combo. Even his hair is the same (I wonder who cuts his hair? It looks pretty good and like he goes there regularly). Shayla’s got longer hair and some major lavender eyeshadow going on. It really wasn’t until Shayla references Qwerty that I realized this was a flashback (although a twin factor could have been cray).

elliot and shay

Though Tyrell and I think Elliot are motivated by revenge, in this case Elliot believes Shayla’s death is his fault (and I sided with Tyrell, something I do not want). Elliot’s forgetting the fact that she was murdered by a psycho repeat offender. Elliot has no apparent plans for revenge and in fact seems to be achieving closure by creating her back-up disc and deleting her file, just as he is done when he is through with other ventures.

Elliot predicts that in a year, Shayla’s death will just be something to say, a story about his past. He will think about her less and less. Like Elliot told Bill at the funeral, eventually her life will mean nothing. Life goes on. This is echoed again later, when Angela speaks with Colby. She asks if covering the hazardous waste incident gave him “pause.” He says it did, but then he goes home and eats dinner, etc. Tyrell doesn’t just want the normal life, to get married, divorced, remarried and have a life that means “nothing.” He wants to be CTO of one of the biggest and influential companies in the world. This theme of meaningless lives, or at least lives without grand, world-changing meaning, is repeated over and over, and links with Elliot’s (and the others[‘) idea to change the world. To create something different and lasting. Something beyond fitting in and of compromising in order to live a comfortable life. A life with meaning, whether for good or “Evil.”

Gideon is one of the few characters who (until this point) has been happily living a normal life. However, like with the plan to blow up Steel Mountain, collateral damage must be considered. And when Angela exposes that she downloaded malware onto the network of Gideon’s net SECURITY company, he and his employees will all suffer.

But we’re not quite there yet. Gideon plays father figure in this episode, urging Elliot to take a break and to continue making connections. He wants Elliot to find someone to be his true self with, and Elliot is predictably cynical. Elliot compares showing your true self with seeing a site’s source code, where every last detail is available for viewing, even dark secrets told to no one. Elliot does not show his true self in this moment and just appears to go along with it, but it seems that Elliot may be taking his advice in the final moments of this episode. He spills so much to Krista, telling her he’s not taking his pills and in detail explaining how he hacks everyone. Krista doesn’t look thrilled, to say the least, that he’s finally telling the truth as she’s urged over the past year. Instead, she looks horrified and devastated.


There is precedence for Elliot’s rants turning into his imagination speaking, and the actual words spoken out loud are a sort of small talk tell-her-what-she-wants-to-hear answer. The episode ends before revealing which case this may be and what implications this possible confession may have. Even if he’s not admitting this out loud, he has returned to Krista and has recognized at least to himself that he has a problem.

Mr. Robot and Darlene are also in process of reorganizing fsociety, but this isn’t some feel-good buddy movie, getting the gang back together again for one last ride. Mr. Robot goes absolutely insane. He threatens to shoot Romero, gun pointing included, tells him he doesn’t want to hurt him, tells him he loves him, and then laughs the whole situation off. I’m getting a real Fernando vibe here, but Mr. Robot did recognize that he’s “crazy crazy.” Darlene takes a different route to re-recruit Trenton, good seeing that it appears they’re on a college campus. Darlene instead cites some sort of fated meeting, that all other moments led up to the moment they met for a reason (“The universe got big plans for us, bro.” Anyone?). It’s not exactly a happy-go-lucky regrouping.

Tyrell is more out of control than even usual, but I’m not sure he’s realizing it. He bursts out firing 3 employees, and not in the normal, collected outward appearance he maintains. I’d like to believe it’s because how disgusting they were, but sleeping one’s way to the top may be a bit of a sore spot for Tyrell. Speaking of which, he takes sexual deviancy to a whole new level in this episode. Like up to the rooftop and death level. He lures the new CTO’s wife to the roof, seduces her, and then strangles her. I’m not versed in strangulation, but she looks pretty dead as opposed to having passed out. At first it was plausible this occurred in a moment of passion rage, but the wipes suggest this was planned. However, that line of thinking makes me wonder what he was going to do if she came to his office like he originally propositioned.

I’m not sure what Angela’s vulnerability is, but it’s not my weakness. There is no way I could have stayed calm while Colby is absolutely offensive and misogynistic. I would have been ready to leave after he calls a mature woman a “girl” and labels Angela as a “hot, little young thing.” Of course, Angela is on a higher mission than meeting this scum, and it was already obvious by the way he treated her in the project meeting and by the actions of his company that Colby is a horrible human being. Then, he goes into a graphic sexual description to make his point. My exact notes on this, “there’s no need to be a jackass, mfing destroy him, Ang.” Of course, Angela does still need him to support her case, and my directives are not how she reacts, but I still think there would be time for decimating him after the fact. This scene basically solidifies he’s a horrible person all around and worse than I originally thought.



  • Angela reminds me of Big Eyes/Margaret Keane sometimes. Whose husband, by the way, took advantage of her by taking credit for her work. Art credit to Margaret Keane

big eyes combo

  • Darlene uses her boy’s handle and IP address. Probably not the reason for many break-ups.


  • I’m having a hard time concentrating on Angela and Colby’s discussion in the courtyard because there are so many bird noises.
  • Everything is so beige.


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