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Bullshit disguised as insight:

In the beginning, it was shocking that Angela and Darlene were so chummy. I noted the white Angela was wearing, and the black on Darlene. I was drawing Black Swan comparisons, fairly easy seeing they were in a ballet studio. I wondered with name meanings being so forefront on this show, if Angela, meaning “Angel”, was the angel of death. After all, just after Angela and Shayla started bonding, Shayla bit it. I pondered, maybe Angela has some sort of kiss of death, seeing that Shayla died shortly after their bathroom makeout. But then Ollie ruins that theory. I did not realize that it was way more twisted than any of that.

black swan

Why would Angela and Darlene be so friendly? Because DARLENE is ELLIOT’S SISTER. The impetus of ANGELA’S and ELLIOT’S relationship was the death of a parent at the hands of Evil Corp, which means DARLENE’S father died too. Or did he, MR. ROBOT?

What is even happening? Whatever the writers and creators were trying to accomplish- done. I was on board the sane train til now. What’s the lesson in this episode? Darlene ranting to her lover about the rich/poor gap? Preach. What, he calls her the “consummate survivor,” and she found a place to sleep that night by hooking up with a rich guy with an apartment with a gorgeous skyline view? Lol wordplay, so clever. Corporations have too much power? Say it again, I don’t mind. Existential crises? Pretty much weekly here too. There are pawns in grand plans, collateral damage, AllSafe employees are going to get hurt through Elliot’s process, but his ultimate goal is to protect everyone? I get it. Time limits and deadlines? Hey, I’m trying to get this series watched before it goes off free cable on-demand tomorrow. You don’t have to tell me about deadlines, White Rose and your stupid 60 second beeps.

Early in the episode, Elliot is completing his customary ritual by literally and figuratively deleting Krista from his life. He downloads all of her info to a disc, smacks a label on it, and deletes the files from his computer. Last episode, he did the same with Shayla. But maybe she’s not going to be an anecdote in a year because Elliot may literally be completely wiping her from his brain, similar to how he fries his computer chips in the microwave. Like how he forgot Darlene is his sister. Like how he forgot Mr. Robot. He finds an unlabeled disc and discovers he does know who Mr. Robot is, and he’s someone who was very present in Elliot’s childhood. However, he can remember bits he’s forgotten with extreme concentration and prompting, like how he eventually remembered Darlene.

I have been red herring’ed. Rumor had it that Mr.Robot was actually Elliot, perhaps a creation representing a separate part of his personality. I didn’t think so; it seemed too easy, like Rey being Luke’s daughter. But I wouldn’t be shocked if it turned out to be true. Never did I stop to think, well who was Mr. Robot before he was a figment of Elliot’s imagination?

I’m still not sure. It could be a representation of Elliot himself. It could be his dad, who is supposed to be dead. I don’t think he’s a foster parent because there is a photo of the Mr.Robot, a young Elliot and Darlene, and their mother, but their mother is shown in such short flashes that I’m not entirely sure they’re the same lady. Also this lady is smiling, and that’s something I’ve never seen in one of Elliot’s flashbacks. Not solid evidence, I know.

Any of those options still add up to that Elliot is having a severe identity crisis. Angela’s identity may still be stolen, but Elliot has stolen his identity from himself. He has no idea who he is, if he’s even real. There is a very Ex Machina scene in which Elliot shatters the mirror, which proves he exists, that he still bleeds. He sees himself in the mirror, then Mr. Robot, the Vendetta-like mask, Darlene, Angela and even Tyrell and a flash of who I believe is creator Sam Esmail. All in the same black hoodie, all very haunted. They are all the same. They are all implicated in this mess. They are all important in Elliot’s life.

mirror collagee option 1

Elliot states that he’s afraid. Well about damn time. But of what, specifically?

***SKIP NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID POSSIBLE GONE GIRL SPOILERS. All you need to know is Tyrell and Joanna are crazy, and we’re all here for the ride.

Last post I compared Tyrell and his wife to Claire and Frank from House of Cards. But oh no. Both of their personalities are split from Amy, the wife from Gone Girl, because only she is as calculating and batshit crazy as them. Tyrell is as cold and calculated as Amy, willing to kill anyone, even cute little Neil Patrick Harris to get what he wants. I know Amy would stick a fork up her own vagina. Remember the wine bottle scene? And the audience are all Nicks, the husband. We keep coming back because we can’t get enough of the crazy. We thrive and crave this psychological malarkey.


I’m just left with the Blair Witch/Cloverfield shaky cam, trying to convince Elliot that I had no idea.

Maybe you saw this all coming. Good for you, I am sorry about how ridiculous my reaction seemed. I have been Star Wars’ed. I have been Black Swan’ed. Gone Girl’ed. Nothing is real anymore, nothing is a delusion. Do not watch this episode late at night, right before bed, after a long day.

What happened to Elliot? How did he get here?

whould talk



  • Elliot, how is your phone only on 22% battery while you’re going to a meeting with huge implications (which also happens creepily and probably not coincidentally 22 minutes into the show)?
  • I’ve always like the use of music, this episode notably with the jarring electronics accompany Tyrell’s crumbling mind and the smooth classical helping Elliot slow down.
  • Tyrell and Mr. Robot know each other??? Who’s Tyrell, Elliot’s uncle? What is happening?
  • That skippy pacing when Darlene pleads for Elliot to remember her. The acting is so good. The camera crosses the traditional 180 degree line, filming their conversation from the other side. It all ungrounds me from reality while sucking me further into the mystery.