It would be generous to say I haven’t written a post in…a while. But today, I was feeling especially inspired by one of my all time childhood favorites, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Somehow it came up with some friends, and I told them how I could still remember my favorite part of the series. So here is the epic, my most favorite and most memorable scene in all of Power Rangers.

Yep. That was it.

So bad. So bad.  Not only did the putties have to pause so the Rangers could get in position, but the putties had to stand in position so they could be pummeled out of the way. As a kid, that was awesome. Now? Not so much. It did make me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe rewatching it. But as bad as that was, it was not the worst part at all.

If you want your soul to be crushed, just watch a childhood favorite. If you were also a Power Rangers fan, blissfully unaware and want to stay that way, you might want to stop reading now. Those Power Rangers, you gotta love ‘em. The End.

Here comes the punishment.


This is me. I was so adorable.

My favorite was always the Pink Ranger.  Probably because I loved pink. I think she was supposed to provide some comic relief, but instead it’s cringe worthy. It’s somewhat what she says, but more how she says it. Imagine valley girl accent & eternal confusion.

Kimberly/Pink Ranger quotes from episode 1.

Upon arriving at the Power Ranger lair for the first time- “This isn’t exactly the mall, is it?” She is correct. It indeed looks nothing like the mall.

“Excuse me, but like, will somebody come back to Earth and come pick me up because I am totally confused.” Still at the lair. I wasn’t sure what this meant, even in context.

Everyone is in the Megazord for the first time and are appropriately impressed, and have some sort of cool, snappy line to express it. Until we get to Kimberly, “Hey, nice stereo.” Why.

And the best one as follows:
Pink Ranger: Morph?
Blue: Metamorphosis.
Yellow: That means to change.
Pink Ranger looks appropriately enlightened.

Look, I get this is a thin device to explain to me and my fellow four year olds what morph means. But they’re supposed to be in high school. I would hope she would know what metamorphosis is, unless the American education system is failing us worse than I thought.

So she can defend herself and save the world. That’s pretty awesome. But hearing her speak I have this running monologue in my head- She was my favorite character. Did I not know? Did I not realize? Was this normal for television back then?

The episode wasn’t all bad, and when it was, the power of nostalgia got me through. Looking back as an adult allowed a whole new perspective. Thoughts from episode 1.

The theme music is just as awesome as I remembered.

The Megazord is more awesome than I remembered.

The opening scene is stunningly similar to C3PO and R2D2’s emergency landing on Tatooine (and probably many other movies).

Star Wars 3 Droids

C-3PO and R2-D2, shortly after landing on Tatooine


The bad guys in their capsule on a planet near Earth


Astronauts whose first instincts when finding something that “looks like a giant space dumpster” on another planet is to immediately open it.






The special effects are stunningly good for 1993…oh never mind, that earthquake was created purely from vicious camera shaking that would make JJ Abrams proud.

First shot featuring people in the gym/juice bar (Gym and Juice. Oh my God. This show was genius)- This is all oh so nineties. So nineties.

Acting…bad. To be fair, they didn’t have good writing to work with.

Ok, so the Black Ranger is, black. And the Yellow Ranger is Asian. Like really? Really?

The Black Ranger seriously hip hop dances as prep to a fight with the putties. You are in a fight. There is no time for dancing. Also, stereotypes.

Unnecessary hand motions. Save your energy for the battle, kids.

How does the Red Ranger know his “Power Sword” will descend from the mysterious cloud on command like Thor’s hammer? Why am I trying to rationalize this? Surely I should have given up by now.

I still love the Power Rangers. I do. Only Mighty Morphin though. Do not get me started on those samurais and ninjas and whatnot.  It helps that my family often watches really bad movies (a la Sharknado) for fun fairly often. But if you really really want to go back and watch an old show, do yourself a favor and watch Avatar: The Last Airbender and leave Power Rangers to fond memories. Definitely do not watch the Teletubbies! Learn from my mistakes.

Anyone else love the Power Rangers or have a similar experience with another show? Or shake your head while watching children’s shows with kids? I’d love to hear it.

Interesting side note-As a kid, I had no idea that the majority of the scenes were lifted straight from the Japanese version and spliced with scenes with American actors. Watching now, it is completely obvious that the words I hear from Rita Repulsa do not correspond to the shapes her mouth is making